Local Events

Occasionally Maine Traditional Karate hosts events that happen outside the normal weekly curriculum. Some of these are members only events and others are open to the public.

MTK Calendar and Upcoming Dojo Related Events

Public Events

None currently available

Feel free to contact us to try a free class!

Members Only

        • December 15, 2019: Kids’ Holiday Party from 1-3pm! This party is for anyone but the theme is focused on the youth members. Little Samurai, youth white, blue and green belts specifically. Potluck from 1-1:45pm, there will be games and even a pinata!
        • December 28, 2019: Adults’ Holiday Party from 2-5pm! This party is aimed towards all adults and junior brown & black belts. A Yankee swap ($20 max, please) is planned and food will be ordered from the menu.

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