Student Portal

Welcome to the new Maine Traditional Karate Student Portal! To log in, please use your UID and password for Dojo Expert provided by email.

Student study materials can be found under the “Belts” section of the app.



Student Dojo Login Info

LOGGING IN: You can log in here or by downloading the app (Dojo Login) to access your materials, attendance and updates.

REGISTRATION: If you have not received login info, go to the Student Login Registration Page and complete the form.

PHOTO: To add/update your photo, see Mikel Leighton before/after class and request to have your photo taken. If you wish to provide a photo of your own, go to the Student Profile Photo Upload and attach your image.
Please make sure the image is:

1) recently taken
2) has the student in their gi
3) clearly shows the students face.

UPDATE INFO: To update your contact info, name, belt/obi size, etc. go to the Student Info Update Page to manage your student information.

CLASS SIGN IN: 3 methods:

1) Wave your MTK membership card in front of the dojo kiosk when it is set for scanning
2)  If you do not have your MTK membership card handy, you can log into the app (download from above icons) and go to 'Attendence' then press 'QR Code' at the bottom of the Attendance page. Face the screen w/QR code toward the kiosk camera and it will notify you that the student is signed in
3) To skip using the QR code, hit the back arrow on the kiosk app in the upper left corner, start typing your name or UID into the field asking for it, then press your name when it shows up. Kiosk will welcome you to class.

If you do not know your login information or need your information updated (such as rank), complete the Student Registration Form and information will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Additional Student Resources:

Calendar and Events
Student UID Registration
Student Information Update
Dojo Things-To-Know Section
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