Student Portal Registration

Current students that did not receive a login UID and password, or need to update their information (such as rank) can complete the form below to submit a request for credentials.

Once a student is registered, they can update their information by visiting the Dojo Expert Student Info Update page. Students can view their materials in the Student Portal under the Belts section.

Registration & Login Helpful Info

A Google account will be necessary to authenticate access to a student's rank study materials. A GMail account by default will work.

For a non-GMail account, go to , fill in your name and then under "Username" click the text that reads "Use my current email address instead". Once you've entered your current email and your chosen password, you're all set! Request permission by clicking on the materials you want access to and press the "Request Access" button.

Student Profile Photo

If you would like to provide a student profile photo, please upload one here.

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