Congratulations Sensei Steve, MTK students and much more!

Congratulations Sensei Steve Apsega Rokudan and Sempai Tommy Lyons Sandan

Hanshi John Shipes Visit October 2021

First off, we have a big announcement, Hanshi John Shipes has confirmed he will be coming to visit the first weekend of October! He will be flying in on Thursday, September 30th. We expect that there will be time set aside for certified instructors, black belts, our little samurai, and our kyu rank students. Details to come soon, but everyone should block out time on Saturday, October 2nd for a full day of karate camp with Hanshi!


June 2021 has been a very busy month for the Orrington Maine Traditional Karate dojo! Lot’s of great news to share with everyone:

    • We all want to congratulate Sensei Steve Apsega for successfully testing for his Rokudan (6th degree) during his Tyler, TX trip! Well deserved and we are honored to have such an esteemed teacher passing on his knowledge to us.
        • Congratulations to Sempai Tommy Lyons for achieving his Sandan (3rd degree) during the same trip alongside Sensei! Sempai Tommy always works hard to maintain strong karate and deliver the best teaching experience he can to our students.
        • And congratulations to everyone at the Tyler, TX camp that successfully promoted, including Sensei Stan Leach (Rokudan) and Sensei Peter Bernier (Yondan)
    • On June 19th we held a test for karateka at the Orrington dojo. We would like to congratulate all the students that participated!
        • 11 Kyu – White Belt 1 Stripe
          • Jacob Rowley
          • Max Arcaro
          • Olive Shirland
          • CJ Braley
          • Alyssa Urquhart
          • Cason Peterson
        • 10 Kyu – White Belt 2 Stripe
          • Frankie Veneziano
          • Lydia Marsh
          • Eli Prescott
          • Carissa Cotterly
        • 9 Kyu – Blue Belt
          • Benjamin Jurdak
          • Grayson Bailey
          • Brandon McKinney
          • Sam Roy
          • Nicholas Paquette
        • 8 Kyu – Blue Belt 1 Stripe
          • Kristen Cornelio
        • 7 Kyu – Blue Belt 2 Stripe
          • Brennon Apsega
        • 6 Kyu – Green Belt
          • Jordan Endre
          • Kelly Cole

Dojo Testing June 2021

COVID-19 Protocol Changes

As of June 1st, Maine Traditional Karate has stopped requiring students and guests to wear masks within the dojo. We advise each person to take any necessary precautions based on their own judgment and discretion. Please remain respectful of each other. We will continue to regularly disinfect equipment at the dojo along with our regular cleaning routine.

We ask if anyone is feeling sick to please refrain from entering the dojo in order to prevent spreading any form of illness to others. We are still offering remote Zoom video links to students who cannot come in person due to circumstances.

Everyone’s efforts and understanding over this last year are greatly appreciated.

Dojo Promotions for September and October 2020

Black Belts October 17 2020

Great job to all of the karateka that tested and promoted in the last month! On Saturday October 17th we had seven 1 Kyu students test for and receive their black belts! As well, we saw the ascension of two 1 Dan students to their 2nd Dan rank:

1 Dan

    • David Stephens
    • Victor Alexander
    • Mikel Leighton
    • Emmett Mahoney
    • Sophia Santiago
    • Edgar Leclerc
    • Gabe Curtis

2 Dan

    • Kyle Sullivan
    • Josh Curtis

MTK Kyu Rank Testing 09262020As well, we had several students test for their Kyu ranks in Orrington on September 26th and in Corinna on October 1st:

    • 2 Kyu – Hazel Leclerc
    • 2 Kyu – Nikolas Long
    • 4 Kyu – Andy Kempton
    • 4 Kyu – Jessica Fortier Leighton
    • 4 Kyu – Josh Bone
    • 5 Kyu – Zen Taylor
    • 5 Kyu – Logan Stephens
    • 7 Kyu – Max Raponi
    • 7 Kyu – Greg Bird
    • 7 Kyu – Logan Leighton
    • 8 Kyu – Jordan Endre
    • 9 Kyu – Travis Kelly
    • 9 Kyu – Tristan Sanders
    • 9 Kyu – Quinn Szarowski
    • 9 Kyu – Elliott Szarowski
    • 10 Kyu – Kristen Cornelio
    • 10 Kyu – Sam Roy
    • 10 Kyu – Finn McKinney
    • 10 Kyu – Nicholas Kondax
    • 10 Kyu – Caden Cloutier
    • 10 Kyu – Dylan Angel
    • 10 Kyu – Derek Young
    • 10 Kyu – Tucker Bennett
    • 11 Kyu – Lucas Thompson

Keep up the energy and commitment to your training everyone! See you in the dojo! Visit our Facebook Page to view all the photos of our tests. Feel free to download and share them with your friends and family.