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Students sitting in seizaMTK adult classes provide students aged 13 and up instruction in the empty hand self-defense techniques, traditional weaponry (kobudo), and tuite (joint manipulation techniques) associated with the 300-year-old system of Shorin Ryu karate-do. Our lessons incorporate Okinawan culture, customs, and language that round out instruction by providing a larger framework within which to understand, interpret, and apply the material being taught.

Student accepts their promotionPeriodic advancement testing allows assessment of each student’s mastery of kata, ippon kumite (one-step sparring), the 25 basic exercises, joint lock techniques, weaponry, kumite (sparring) and Okinawan culture and customs. When a student demonstrates mastery of the curriculum appropriate for their rank they may be eligible for promotion. Promotion unlocks access to instruction to the next level of techniques in the formal curriculum offered.

Adult classes are currently held two times per week, with the option of attending a third combined child/adult/family class.

Maine Traditional Karate (MTK) is a chartered member of the Okinawan Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito Karate and Kobudo Federation (OSMKKF).

Master Fusei Kise quote "My only wish is for you to develop good heart, good family and good karate."Headed by Okinawan Grandmaster, Fusei Kise, and his son, Kaicho (federation president) Isao Kise, OSMKKF dojos can be found throughout the world. Eighth degree black belt and OSMKKF United States Director, Hanshi John Shipes serves as Sensei to MTK Head Instructor, Steve Apsega, Godan (5th degree black belt). Sensei Apsega regularly travels to train with Hanshi Shipes as well as to assist in hosting annual visits made to the US by Master Kise and Kaicho Isao Kise.

MTK provides its youth and adult students with local direct access to the OSMKKF lineage by co-hosting multi-day training seminars annually. Here are some recent examples:

August 2016 – Seminar led by Kaicho Isao Kise and the United States senior OSMKKF leadership

October 2017 – Seminar led by Hanshi John Shipes

October 2018 – Seminar led by Kyoshi Loren Engleby

October 2019 – Seminar led by Hanshi John Shipes & Kyoshi Loren Engleby

In addition, there are several away-camp training opportunities provided each year as students advance in rank. These camps provide students with an opportunity to travel, train under the masters of our art, and connect with others within our worldwide federation.

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