Youth Class


Sempai Kailee performing a kataMTK youth classes provide children aged 5 to 12 instruction in the empty hand self-defense techniques and traditional weaponry (kobudo) associated with the 300-year-old system of Shorin Ryu karate-do. Youth students are also exposed to the fundamentals of tuite (joint manipulation), but are restricted from learning and engaging in advanced practices as sensitive growth plates can be damaged in youth who are still growing. Lessons involving Okinawan culture, customs, and language round out instruction by providing a larger framework within which to understand, interpret, and apply the material being taught.

Two youth sparringTesting in kata, ippon kumite, kumite, and protocol
Youth classes are currently offered two times per week, with the option of attending a third combined child/adult/family class.

Periodic advancement testing allows assessment of each student’s mastery of kata, ippon kumite (one-step sparring), the 25 basic exercises, joint lock techniques, weaponry, kumite (sparring) and Okinawan culture and customs. Those able to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum appropriate for their rank are promoted. Promotion unlocks access to instruction to the next level of techniques in the formal curriculum offered.

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