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136 River Rd
Orrington, ME 04474
42 Stetson Rd
Corinna, ME 04928

Sensei Steve breaking 4 concrete slabsMaine Traditional Karate & Fitness is a charter dojo in the OSMKKF. The dojo is rooted in the traditional style of Okinawan Shorin Ryu. Our goal is to develop each student with practical martial arts for self-defense usage as well as improve overall fitness, confidence and knowledge. Our Grandmaster Fusei Kise in Okinawa said it best himself, “My only wish is for you to develop good heart, good family and good karate.”

The dojo is owned and operated by Sensei Steve Apsega. His training in the martial arts extends over 30 years and he fully joined the Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito orthodox karate organization in 1986. He was bestowed the honorable title of Renshi by Grandmaster Kise. Sensei Steve has completed Kusanku and Sakagawa no Kon Sho, two of our system’s highest level katas.

His first dojo was opened in Whitneyville, ME in 1990. In 2000 he opened a new dojo in Hermon, ME. He then founded his current active dojo, Maine Traditional Karate in Orrington, ME, in 2003. Most recently, an additional dojo location, Corinna Shorin Ryu, was opened in January 2020!

Over the last couple decades he has trained many students with several promoting to the black belt ranks, each earning the title “Sempai”. Current Sempais help train the “color” belts (white, blue, green, brown) and several hold official instructor certifications.

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