Gi Patch Placement

Students wear traditional Karate uniforms known as a “gi”. There are 2 patches that our dojo utilizes to identify the karateka wearing it. One patch represents the federation (OSMKKF) and the other represents the dojo.

Federation Patch

OSMKKF Federation Patch

The OSMKKF Federation patch should be placed approximately 2-3 inches down from breast seam on left side and 2 inches across from ribbed seam.

Patch needs to remain straight.

Dojo Patch

Orrington Dojo Patch

The Dojo patch should be placed on right sleeve 2 inches from shoulder seam on front part of arm.

Gi Patch Placement Overview

Both gi patches

This is how your gi should look once patches are on. As Karate is both a vigorous workout and physical sport, it is recommended to stitch them on permanently as opposed to using adhesive solutions.

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